Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey, z3r0sum here, repping Fellow DJ Americano. He's a great guy and a good producer/DJ, his new EP "Bad Dreams" is out on iTunes right now, snatch it up if you like EDM, straight up banga's, or just like supporting indie musicians. You can snatch up your copy right here: click this link for epicness.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Check this shit out!
Word up to Macklemore, this shit be real mothafucka! So fresh.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


At Music Unlimited we all use a nom de plume, so this is where you will get to become familiar with who we are and the name we use.

KittehBoi101!!- Hai! My name is KittehBoi101!! I am your source of all things scene, from BOTDF to BVB to BC13 to Nickasuar! (OMG NICKASAUR!!!! HIS HAIR OH HIS HAIR I WANTS IT SO BAD!) I like glitter, nyan-cat, partying, and being with my friends, WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND TOO? TTYL =^-^=

z3r0sum-I'm the leader of this little group, I'm a DJ/Producer and I love, love, love hardstyle/techno/trance/dubstep/jumpstyle/punk so you'll be hearing a lot about EDM and EBM and a bit about bands like Demerit from me. I like partys, kandi-kids, scene-kids, dancing, and parkour. 'Till next time P.L.U.R.

$waga'rific- (Hi) my name is (what) my name is (chicka-chicka) $waga'rific! Hip-hop is my life homey  don't you forget it. I like bitches, fast cars, green, 40's, paper, and reppin' my city Tucson, AZ what what! I'm outta here!

JustDie- Hey, I'm JustDie and I'm the resident emo-chick/metalhead. I don't really like anything, but I don't mind listening to music, sitting in corners, and drawing bad-ass pictures. I'll be with you for everything from MCR to SWS. See you in hell

Mission Statement

Some one once said variety is the spice of life. We say they are wrong. We say, music is the spice of life. Here at Music Unlimited we are dedicated to bringing you critiques of new (and old music), links to songs and albums, the occasional rant, and (every once in a while) interviews with artists we consider up and coming. Music is ever changing, our hope is to bring you into our world, the world of sound and introduce you to artists you've never heard of and to the worlds that their music forms.